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Client Guide: Scrapbooking 101

This guide is designed to help you, the client, develop a vision for your scrapbooks. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard the word “scrapbook” or you’re an old pro yourself, this information will help you navigate the process.

1. Why make a scrapbook?

Handmade, personalized scrapbooks stand out in today’s digital world of “click-and-print” photo albums. Our service allows for more client input and the creative possibilities are nearly endless. Protect your cherished memories in a one-of-a-kind book that will last a lifetime. Scrapbooks also make great gifts! 

  • Weddings (for the bridal party, parents, or the couple themselves!)

  • New parents and grandparents

  • Retirement

  • Graduation

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries 


2. What to include

Perhaps you want a scrapbook to cover an entire year of your life. Or maybe you want just a selection of major life events, or only a recent vacation. There is no right or wrong way to organize a scrapbook as long as it makes sense to you.

3. Book size

The designer will work with you to determine what size book will work best with your photos and items. It is helpful to sort through the photographs and items you want included before meeting with the designer. This will help determine if a small book (such as 8x8 inch) or larger book (12x12 inch) is the best option. 

4. Pages

A scrapbook page is defined as two pieces of paper lying flat side-by-side. When the designer refers to a “page” in a book, she is using this definition. An average book has between 8 and 12 pages, but can contain more or less depending on your needs.

5. Photographs

Photos are the heart and soul of the book. A scrapbook would not be as priceless and meaningful without photographs of loved ones, beautiful scenery, or treasured belongings. When choosing your photographs for a scrapbook, keep in mind the following:

Quantity: While it’s tempting to want to include every photograph from a particular event, it’s recommended that you select the best 4 or 5 (for small pages) and 6 or 7 (for large pages) from each event or milestone.  Having more than that will clutter the page and limit the amount of embellishments that can be included. 


Quality: It’s best to provide the highest quality photo possible. Photos that are grainy or too dark will take away from the value of the book.


Size: A variety of sizes are great for a scrapbook but the standard size is 4x6.


Subject: Photos with people are the most popular but if your scrapbook is from a vacation or trip, for example, then photos of monuments, beaches, landmarks, and landscapes are just as important to include.  If you’re having a book made as a gift, remember to provide photos that include the recipient as well as you and other friends or family members. 


6. Memorabilia

Scrapbooks are enhanced by including non-photo items such as invitations, programs, ticket stubs, maps, or cards. While it’s possible to include an item that’s larger than the page itself, that item will need to be cropped or trimmed. Please tell the designer at your in-person consultation whether any items should NOT be altered. If you’re unsure whether an item can easily be included in the book, please bring it with you to our consultation for the designer to review.

7. First consultation (by phone or email)

If Emerald City Scrapbooking sounds like the right fit for you, send us an email or request using the online form. You will receive a response within 48 hours, by phone or email, requesting more information about your scrapbook needs. The designer will ask a series of questions about the items you wish to scrapbook, your timeline for completion, and your budget.

8. Second consultation (in person when possible)

After the first consultation, we will schedule an in-person meeting to finalize the details. The purposes of this meeting are to view sample scrapbooks and cards, turn over photographs and items to the designer, and sign a service contract. This can be done virtually or by phone.

9. Pricing - See "Services" page for more information

The cost of a personalized scrapbook is based on an hourly rate for the designer’s time. The generic layouts and greeting cards are priced per page or per card.

10. Still have questions?

Please contact Emerald City Scrapbooking via email at; by phone at 360.789.3555; or through the online form. Follow us on social media for the latest news and promotions!

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